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it only takes a few seconds to die

Rune sighed softly and said, “Lights.”

“Maybe it’s people,” Yori said. He sounded exhausted.

Nodding, Rune turned to face him. As he did, Yori slumped forward. He caught his mate and then sighed. Yori was dead on his feet – sound asleep. He’d just been talking! Smiling, he lifted Yori into his arms and turned to was towards the light.

the land where even sleep doesn’t exist

Yori was tired. He felt as though they had been walking for hours and they had yet to encounter anyone. Night was falling, but they couldn’t sleep. They didn’t know where they were. There was no shelter. Who knew what sorts of danger lurked in this strange world.

So, they walked on, into the gathering darkness. Yori focused on putting one foot in front of the other and on following Rune. There was nothing else they could do, but walk on and hope they found someone.

the world will never return

Yori stepped out of the portal and scowled. He looked at Rune and shook his head. “Where are we?” he asked, his voice even softer than normal. Wherever they were, it wasn’t their intended destination.

Rune’s brows furrowed. He looked around, scowling slightly. “I don’t know,” he admitted. He spun back to the portal, just as it vanished. He sighed. “Well,” he said. “It seems that, for the moment, we’re stuck here.”

Yori bit his lip. The question was: would they find their way back to the Enchanted Gardens? He simply wasn’t sure.

the door out of the fairy-tale stands wide open

“So,” Yori said, smiling at Galen and the other captains. “Thank you for having us and – and you are welcome to come and visit us any time.”

“Thank you,” Galen said, bowing slightly.

Rune smiled at the portal opened. “That’s our ride,” he said. He sighed softly and took Yori by the hand. “Let’s get going, before the big bad wolves come back.”

“Gladly,” Yori murmured. A moment later, they were through the portal and on their way home.

an angel in distress

After several minutes, Xander returned and bowed politely. “Please, come with me,” he said. He turned away and started down a corridor. Yori and Rune exchanged a look and then trailed along behind him.

As they entered, they saw a boy that appeared to be nearly the same age. White wings spread from the center of his back. One was flapping wildly, while he held the other at an odd angle. He was making pained noises.

A woman stood close at hand. She seemed to be trying to get closer to him, but was not able to do so. His flapping was threatening to do her an injury.

Yori frowned and stepped forward. “Wing cramp?” he said, his voice soft.

“Y-yes,” he said, squeezing his eyes closed. “It just…” he trailed off with a moan.

Nodding, Yori said, “Stop flapping and stretch them, then fold them slowly.” He watched for a moment, while the boy did as he’d said. Then, he smiled. “Is that better? Try stretching and folding it a few times – very slowly.”

After a moment, the boy sighed in relief and tucked his wings out of sight. “Thanks,” he said, smiling. “I’m Galen, Captain of the Stags.”

everything is as it was

Yori was wheezing by the time they were safely inside the walls of the fortress. He tried to speak, but couldn’t manage to get a single word out. Waving at Rune, he pulled out the vial that held his medicine and popped the cork.

“Wolves?” Rune said, looking at the boy that had guided them there. “You’re sure they can’t get in here?”

“They don’t seem to be able to,” the boy said, giving them a wan smile. He heaved a sigh and then bowed. “I’m Xander, by the way. I’m the lieutenant of the Stag Division. You’ll probably want to see our captains.”

“Yes, please,” Rune said nodding. He looked at Yori and set a hand on his shoulder. “Better now?” he asked.

Yori nodded. Replacing the cork, he smiled. “I’m just fine,” he said. His voice was as soft as always, but he wasn’t wheezing or panting any longer. He gave Xander a weak smile. “Thank you very much for getting us to safety.”

Flushing, Xander shook his head. “No – no problem,” he said. He flashed Yori a sunny smile and spun on his heel. “This way,” he called, hurrying into the largest building within the walled compound.

Floating in Empty Space

Yori didn’t like running when he didn’t know what he was running from. He slid to a stop, gasping for air. He wasn’t surprised when Rune stopped beside him. Their guide stopped as well. He hurried back, eyes wide with shock.

“I need to… catch my breath,” Yori panted, shaking his head. Looking at the… Yori could only think to call him a boy. He looked like a child! “What are we… running from?”

“The wolves,” the boy said. He squeaked, then and pointed behind them. “There,” he snapped, “we’re running from those! Now, hurry up, or they’ll make a meal of you!”

Yori blinked and looked back. Just calling them wolves was an understatement. They were easily the size of the oliphants the Sky Maidens rode. Not to mention that they were floating in the air as they stalked towards Yori and Rune.

“Fates,” Rune gasped. He caught Yori by the shirt collar and dashed ahead, dragging Yori behind him like a flag.

Yori blinked and shook his head, trying to collect himself enough to help Rune – to run on his own. However, he couldn’t seem to manage it. Giant flying wolves? Just what sort of place was this?

a mechanical doll that falls to pieces every night

Yori smoothed off his clothing and shot a glare at Rune. “What was that called?” he asked, his voice cracking.

“The portal was closing, Bellissima,” Rune said, his voice gentle. He touched Yori’s chin and looked into his eyes. “Are you angry with me? Truly?”

“No,” Yori replied, his voice faint. He couldn’t stay angry with Rune. Sighing, he looked around at the place they found themselves in. “Where are we?”

Rune opened his mouth to answer, but someone else cut him off. “What are you doing here?” They whirled towards the speaker to find a little boy. His eyes were wide with shock. He darked forward and caught them each by a wrist. “It’s not safe here, in any case. Follow me.”

Without another word, he darted away. Yori squeaked when Rune caught his arm and dashed after the child. “We’re from the Court of Justice,” he called. “Lord Forseti and Lady Astraea sent us to open relations.”

“Nice for them, but bad timing for you,” the boy called. “This place gets crazy once the sun goes down, so stay close. We’ll talk once we’re inside the walls.”

it’s now, or never again

“Are you sure about this?” Yori said, looking at the swirling disc of light and color as if it were something very dangerous. He looked at Rune and frowned. “How do we even know it’s safe?”

“Leif said so,” he said. Smiling, he shook his head. “Time’s wasting, Bellissima. They’re expecting us and Leif can’t open another one of these right away.”

Yori sighed and looked at the portal once more. “I suppose,” he said. The swirling shifted and he shot a look at Leif.

“It’s closing,” the younger captain said. “Go, if you’re going.”

“We are,” Rune said, then he shoved Yori through and hurried along behind him. A moment later, they were on their way to another territory of Mag Mell.

still we are the past together

Sindri smoothed his fingers through Dagny’s hair and frowned slightly. It felt so familiar. It always felt the same. When they were together like this, he could close his eyes and taste the salt of the sea – smell it on the wind. He could almost hear the crashing waves.

“We’ve been together like this before,” he said, his voice faint.

Dagny shifted and he opened his eyes to find her frowning at him. “You mean.. beside yesterday?” she said. “Other than the times before that?”

Sindri nodded. “By the ocean,” he said, looking out over the forest. His brows furrowed. “Could it be…”

“A previous life?” Dagny finished for him. She smiled then and nodded. “I think I like the idea of having been with you in a past life. Maybe… this is a second chance?”

“Maybe,” Sindri said. He nuzzled his forehead against hers and then kissed her on the mouth. He loved second chances.