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People who make good first impressions usually suck

“He seemed so sweet and innocent,” Carlo said, shaking his head.

Ian chuckled softly and shook his head. “Yeah, well,” he said. “Ophelia seems that way at first too. I’ve learned that you can never trust first impressions.”

“Guess not,” Carlo said, as he stared at the hole in the wall that their visitor had left. “I should warn the others about that pipe, yeah?”

“Couldn’t hurt,” Ian said, nodding.

Everyone cares about somebody

“You talk about them an awful lot,” Ophelia said. She smiled at her guest and shrugged. “Feli and Gil. I mean, everyone has someone that they worry about. For me, it’s Jared and Logan and Ian.”

Her guest nodded. “Gil is my brother,” he said, his voice soft. “He… they probably think I’m dead – assuming both of them are alive and well.”

When he looked troubled, Ophelia took his hand. “Believe they are,” she said. In a softer voice, she added, “Among my children, there’s a saying, ‘By believing, we see.’ Just… don’t think the worst – believe that they’re all right.”

He bit his lip for a moment and then sighed. “I will try,” he said, his voice faint. His blue eyes glistened briefly with moisture, then he blinked and he was confident again. He nodded once. “Thank you, Shynia.”

“No problem, Germany,” she said, flashing a sunny smile at him.

A man must never give up

Jared looked over at the man that Ken had found. He was sleeping now. Jared’s brows furrowed and he stepped over to the man. He was so tall – like Franklin. His hair was such a pale blond. Jared hadn’t seen his eyes to know their color. He was a winter person, though. One look told Jared that.

“Hey,” Jared said, his voice soft. “Don’t you give up, right? Once we find your children, everything will be fine. You’ll see!” He leaned closer and said, “But you can’t give up or the trow win!”

Jared gasped when the man’s eyes snapped open. They were a soft violet. “We cannot allow that,” the man said. Then, his gaze focused on Jared. He flashed a sunny smile and said, “You are like Little Poland.”

“I’m Dixole,” Jared said, straightening. He whirled away and added, “It’s about time you woke. Now, you can meet the others.”

“Very like Poland,” the visitor said, sounding a bit bemused.

I’ll feed you fruit that don’t exist

Jared closed his eyes and imagined the sweet taste of mirrow berries. He imagined their texture – how it felt to chew them and have the cool juices trickle down his throat. Then, he opened his mouth.

He felt a finger brush his lips and closed his mouth. He could almost feel the berries in his mouth as he went through the motion of chewing and swallowing. Then, sighing softly, he opened his eyes.

“No matter how many I eat,” he said, his voice faint, “I’ll still be hungry.”

“That’s the way with such things,” she said, her voice soft.

just for the summer

“It’s normally so cold here,” Ophelia said, her voice soft. She glanced over at Ian and smiled. “At least, that’s what I’d always heard. It seems nice now, though.”

Ian shrugged. “The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom,” he said. “What’s not to like?” He lay back in the grass and looked up at the sky. A faint flush of color stained his cheeks when Ophelia stretched out beside him. Glancing at her, he smiled. “This is summer in the mountains, Ophelia.”

“Once summer ends, the weather gets cold?” She said, rolling over and resting her chin on her hands. When Ian nodded, she said, “Then, we should enjoy the summer.”

we’ll run?

“What are we going to do if it swings back this way?” Jared said, shaking his head at Logan and Franklin. Most of their people had evacuated the area. They’d returned to get something Logan had forgotten.

Logan shook his head. “You didn’t have to come, Jared,” he said. “If you’re afraid of the storm…”

“It’s not that,” Jared said, perhaps a bit too quickly. He flushed and shook his head. “I just… what do we do if, all of a sudden, that storm changes direction and the area starts flooding.

Franklin shrugged and gave the obvious answer. Jared just stared at him for a moment. Then, he sighed and hurried ahead. “With plans like those, let’s hurry and get Logan’s book!”

of different disciplines

Logan listened to Ophelia as she tried to explain something to Jared. Franklin wondered why Jared would wind her up. However, Logan knew the answer. As differently as they both saw the world – Jared with his focus on God and Ophelia with her focus on nature – both of them loved the world and the people in it. Both of them shared a sense of wonder and a curiosity about why and how things happened.

They would never agree, but that wasn’t the point. The point was to enjoy seeing the other side of the story.

there’s always fire

Allen decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to try to tell Jeffrey he couldn’t do something. He was always so stubborn. He did things the way he wanted, whatever Allen might say. If Allen tried to argue, the young man’s eyes would flash. He’d lose his temper and they’d end up in a fighting match.

Now, arguing didn’t do him any good. What he needed to do was to make Jeffrey think it was his own idea. If he could get Jeffrey to want to do what Allen needed him to do, then he didn’t have to deal with the younger man’s fiery temper.

a nice blend of scientific and sentimental

Ophelia listened to the music. “I love this song,” she said. Grinning at her brother, she said, “You can’t help but dance to it, you know?”

“I did,” Jared agreed, as he swayed to the beat. His brows furrowed slightly. Knowing that Ophelia would have an answer, he said, “Why is that?”

“Well, it pulls on a rhythm to a traditional dance,” Ophelia said. Then, she laughed and said, “Then, there’s the matter of harmonics and how we react to certain combinations.” She continued the explanation, but Jared only nodded and smiled. She always seemed to enjoy explaining things. He was willing to let her do that, to see her sunny smile.

by way of inbreeding

“They… all look the same,” Yori said. He frowned and looked at Rune. Shaking his head, he repeated himself. “They all look just the same! How is that possible?”

“Small gene pool?” Rune suggested. “Inbreeding does tend to keep the same traits circulating around and lessen the amount of recombination.”

Yori blinked and then stared at him. “Recombination?” he repeated. Did Rune honestly just say that?