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Puss In Boots

My sister and I went to watch Puss in Boots as a special birthday treat today. It was great fun! The movie was great and I really want to buy the DVD when it comes out. It was clear that it was a kid’s movie – no one dies. However, there were moments of humor that were meant for the adults in the audience.

Only one thing was negative about the entire experience. Twice, right at the beginning of the movie, it cut off. The lights popped on, the screen went dark and the sound stopped. Both times, someone in the audience (once an elderly gentleman and the second time, my sister) went to tell them to please fix it. Both times, the situation was quickly remedied, but the movie had continued to play in the interim. So… we missed about five minutes of the movie!

I’ve never had something like that happen at a movie theatre before… I wonder what happened.

After this last thing…

I’ve been needing to start on my Christmas projects for the last month. Most of them won’t take me long to complete. However, I really need to work on them, obviously. Well, now I have everything off my plate.

The first thing I will work on will be the gift I’m making for my brother. He lives in Texas, so he never gets to see snowmen anymore. I figure I will remedy that by giving him a snowman he can put out every year.

My aunts and uncles will get korknisser, as will my parents and me and my sister. However, I also have gifts for the other members of my immediate: a blanket for Dad, a scarf for Mom, some doll clothes for Heidi. I also need to finish the watchband I’m making for my secret pal.

It’s not much… but I need to start it. I haven’t gotten that part done quite yet. Maybe I can make the snowman fit for this week’s challenge somehow… hmmm…

Almost done!

Even though I’ve already won NaNo, I still have a story I need to finish. I think, part of my problem is that I don’t know where I’m going with it. I mean, I know where I’m not going to go with it. I know where I don’t want to go with it. (That is two different things.) However, I don’t have any idea where to actually go.

Once the story is all done, I can set it aside for a time and relax – work on other things and write with a bit less pressure.

Amazing Grace

There’s a little girl in my Sunday school class, who shall remain nameless, that came up with the most interesting thought today. It just warmed my heart to think that something so deep could come from someone who’s only turning eight on December 8th!

She was a bit late coming to class because she had to talk to the pastor. She said she wanted to ask him if he became a pastor because he felt he was called to do so by God. She said that he had told her that, yes, God called him to the ministry.

I told her that I was a Sunday school teacher because I felt God call me to do that. I also clarified that sometimes we hear that call not so much with our ears as we do with our hearts. What surprised me was: she totally got that! I asked her if she felt God speak to her heart sometimes. Her eyes got all wide and she nodded at me. I told her that she should listen to what God calls her to do. It just blew my mind, though. I mean, we tell the kids all the time that God doesn’t care how young they are – He still calls them. However, to know that, yes… even an eight-year-old can feel that call. Wow!

Busy beaver…

I’m in a group on Ravelry that keeps me hopping. However, it also keeps me thinking and makes me challenge myself, not just with knitting and crocheting but with challenges that force me to use my imagination in order to answer them.

Basically, the rule seems to be, “If you can justify it, it works as a response to the challenge.” I’m working on a little plush foxie for the current challenge: a project in homage to the denizens of the Forbidden Forest. I needed a back-up plan, though, in case I can’t finish the fox by next Tuesday. So… I’ve got leaves: five of them. After all, foxes and leaves are both found in forests, am I right?

The leaves are little pins I made for my Sunday school students. The foxie is one of my two NaNo mascots. If I can get them both done by next Tuesday, I’ll be thrilled! We’ll see how it goes. Who knows? I might be able to use the second fox for next week’s challenge!

They call it Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving… The traditional start of the holiday shopping season… The day when all the merchants go into the black (as opposed to the red): Black Friday! I know there are those insane people who got up early and headed off to the malls in search of bargains. I was not among them. I didn’t even get dressed until… about 10 AM.

I stayed home from work and relaxed. I cleaned. I worked on my crochet… I’m making a little foxie for the latest weekly challenge on Hogwarts. I’d really like to have two made, but I’m not going to cry if I can only finish one by next Tuesday. Instead, I’ll just finish the second one later.

Also… I am officially a winner at NaNoWriMo!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was able to finish the pilgrim dress for my sister! I also was able to make up a bonnet, collar and apron for my own doll to wear for today. They are both absolutely adorable! Jake, once again, dressed as a Native American for the holiday. He’s also very cute.

We went out to eat with our parents and some of their friends. It was a smaller group than normal, because people were sick. It’s awful, to be sick on the holidays. I really felt bad when I learned that they weren’t well. I hope that all my other friends had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

In other news: I passed 50K words on my NaNo!

Wacky Sock Wednesday?

Normally, on Friday – as a way to kick off the weekend – I wear what I call fun socks. Some of them have characters on them or they are cute. Others have some design that fits the season. Whatever they are, they aren’t just plain socks.

Well, since I have Thursday off for the holiday and Friday off… because I wanted a four day weekend, that makes today… sort of my Friday. So, I wore my fun socks today, instead of Friday. Although… I might where them Friday too, since Heidi has work.

Working my way through

I was able to finish my giant toadstool last night and put the finishing touches on my cuff bracelet this morning. I’m going to post my project page for the pilgrim dress I’m making for Thanksgiving today – which I started last night. I’ve made good headway on that all ready. All told, that’s pretty good. I mean… considering that I’d like to have it done by Thursday, it’s good that it’s moving along quickly.

The bracelet went well enough and I know how to do all the stitches involved, except for the i-cord, but I can use crochet chains in place of those. I think that, after the holidays are over, I will be making a few more bracelets.

I may also make another pilgrim dress for my own doll, if I manage to finish the one for Heidi’s doll by Thanksgiving. I have a couple little Native American outfits for my dolls, but… it’s always struck me as a bit odd for Shysie to wear it, with her red hair and green eyes. After I finish making a pilgrim dress for her, I’ll give the Native American outfit that I’ve had Shysie wear in the past to Heidi, for her doll.


Multi-tasking is something a lot of people do nowadays. There’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done, so you do more than one thing at the same time. For me, it’s begun to feel like, if my mind isn’t fully engaged on something, I’m wasting it.

It started over the summer, when I was reading quite a bit. On the rides up to work and back, I had my nose in a book. On the walks between work and where I met my ride in the evening or where I’d been dropped off and where I work, I’d be reading. Now that the pre-Christmas season has come and I have a tone of things that I need to knit or crochet, I’ve been doing that while I walk.

It surprises me, although maybe it shouldn’t, how often people comment on the fact that I’m knitting while I walk. It’s a ten or fifteen minute walk and it’s over straight, even ground (mostly). Why not employ the time constructively? I suppose its unusual enough to see someone knitting nowadays, without the added surprise that I’m walking at the same time.

What about you? Do you think you could read or knit or… anything else while you walked?