It’s time once again for the WriYe Blog Circle.  The topic this month: Goals:

What’s your Wriye Word Count goal and why did you chose it? What are you going to be focusing on this year? What are you doing differently this year compared to last year?

My word goal remained the same this year as it has for the last few years: 500K words.  I could have tried to go for more words, as a challenge.  However, my focus this year is less on getting tons of words written and much more on… finishing stories from previous years and finally writing Keenan’s story.  I also intend to do a lot of editing this year.  None of that is really conducive to trying to write more than I have in the past.

One thing that I intend to do differently is to get my works in progress and works in mind out of the way right at the start.  Last year, I left them until the last month.  December was this insane month of trying to finish my stories.  While I did all right with that, I didn’t get very much editing done.  This year, I’d like to get my past stories edited, so that they’re shareable.

Bonus: Set your intention for this year. Share it with us!

I mentioned Keenan’s story being among my goals.  Keenan is a character that I created when I was just twelve years old.  He’s been bouncing around in my imagination for over twenty-five years.  I’ve written short pieces featuring him and I started a novel several years ago that I never completed.  My intention this year is to finally get his story completely written.

2016 will be Keenan’s year to shine.  I’m starting with Potions for Everyday Use, but I also intend to step back and write the story of how he came into his magic, how he came to be in Malloran’s hands and how he finally found true love and started a family.  Keenan is my oldest character and he’s at the heart of most of my stories – working in the background in one way or another.  He deserves to have his own story told.  If I can do that… Maybe 2017 will be the year I publish, because that is a story that I want others to read.