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Thankfulness – Day 31

Today is Halloween – the last day of October.  Tomorrow is All Saints’ Day, when we remember all those loved ones we’ve lost.  It’s also the start of National Novel Writing Month.  So, today, I’m thankful for two very different things.  First, I am thankful for those people who I’ve lost: Jan, Uncle Doug, Aunt Letty, Gramma, Grandma and others that I won’t name, but who were no less important in making me who I am today.  Second, I am thankful to the creators of National Novel Writing Month.  Without the efforts of people like you, this event would never have come about and people like me would not be able to look back on past years – and forward to the coming event – and say, “I’m a writer!”

Even though this is the last day that I’ll be posting about what I’m thankful for, I’m not going to stop being thankful for things.  In truth, I’m thankful for so many things that I could name a different one every day of the year and not reach the end of the list.  I’m thankful for the gift of opening my eyes each day and being able to get out of bed and start a new day.  Every day is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the “present”.

Thankfulness – Day 30

Today, the last day of work before Halloween, I’m dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.  So far, no one has even commented on my costume.  Perhaps that’s because they haven’t really noticed (I’m sitting behind a desk, which hides most of my outfit).  However, I know that when my co-workers do see my costume, they will smile – maybe even laugh.  There was a time when seeing that reaction would have made me feel self-conscious.  However, I’ve begun to become bolder lately.  It’s something that I’ve prayed about for a long time, so knowing that it’s coming to pass is a huge relief to me.  I’m proud of myself for being braver and less self-conscious.  I’m getting more comfortable with who I am as an individual – something I wouldn’t have thought was possible a few years ago.  Today, I’m thankful for my boldness in being myself.

Two Birds, one post – Day 29

Thai Die (A Needlecraft Mystery, #12)Thai Die by Monica Ferris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Usually, I am right along with Betsy in solving the case she’s working on. In many ways, that was the case here as well. However… I had figured out almost immediately what the thief was after – and not because the blurb on the back has a huge spoiler. When the identity of the killer was revealed… I figured it out with Betsy. When she saw the clue that led to his identity, I knew who it was as well.

It was nice to see Jill in the story again. I just wish we’d see her more often. I realize that she has a small child and is pregnant at the time of the story, but… she and Betsy were close friends earlier in the series. You don’t stop being someone’s friend or seeing them – especially in a town as small as Excelsior – just because they get married and have children.

Overall, I enjoyed the book… maybe not as much as I have others in the series, but it was a fun read and I’m looking forward to reading more in the series.

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Today, as I cross off yet another book from my “to read this year” list, I am thankful for my perseverance.  I haven’t always been the sort of person that would stick with something when it became difficult.  Reading, especially.  There were too many books that were assigned to me in school that I never finished.  It wasn’t that I was bored with them or didn’t like them (except with one book).  It was that I would get distracted and procrastinate.  I’m glad to see that I’m not that person anymore.  Today, I’m thankful for that change.

Thankfulness – Day 28

Today, I am thankful for the people in my carpool.  When I first started working at my current job, I had to drive myself home and back again every day.  It’s about forty minutes each direction, so that’s quite a hike to do by myself.  Since joining this carpool, I seldom have to drive.  It’s given me all manner of time, so that I can work my crochet projects.  It’s all together wonderful.  So, today, I am thankful for my carpool and the four lovely people I ride to and from work with.

Thankfulness – Day 27

Today, my cats will have the appointment with the veterinarian.  It’s nothing more than their annual check-up.  They’re both doing great now and I’m excited to see how they react to see the improvement they’ve both shown.  Today, I’m thankful for the veterinarian, the technicians and all the other people involved in helping my furbabies feel better.

Thankfulness – Day 26

There is a certain person in my life that gives me, for want of a better word, a headache.  Really, she’s a lovely person.  She’s simply the sort of person you cannot hope to counter – even when she’s wrong, you can’t convince her of that.  Today, she had one of those lovely days, when she just wanted to push me and my sister and just… Wow!  Anyway, today, I am thankful for the patience God has given me to deal with people like her.

Thankfulness – Day 25

So today, we celebrated “Everybody’s Birthday” with our family.  Our aunt, Mom and Dad all had their birthdays in the last month, so we celebrate their birthdays together – one big party.  It’s great fun.  Today, I’m thankful for my wonderful family.  I don’t always appreciate them the way that I should, but I always love them.

Thankfulness – Day 24

My sister and I went to a corn maze today for the first time in… well, ever, really.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it.  I went because it was something that my sister wanted to do.  Now, I’m glad that I let her talk me into going.  We had a great time, exploring the maze and meeting people we never had seen before.  It was like a little adventure!  Today, I’m thankful that I had the courage to try something new.

Thankfulness – Day 23

My workday started off by taking a few moments to enjoy a few funny videos with my co-workers.  This isn’t something we do often, but it happens from time to time – especially on Fridays.  I think it’s a great thing that I can enjoy such time with my fellow employees.  Today, I am thankful to work with such great people.  They make coming to work each day a joyful experience.

Thankfulness – Day 22

With the festivities this previous weekend, I wanted to finish a poncho to wear.  As a result of working to finish it, I fell behind in a larger project that I’ve been working on all year.  Through determination and hard work, I’m very nearly caught up on that project.  Today, I’m thankful that I don’t give up when things like this happen.