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I Choose You!

Yori watched the little ones scampering and playing. Some rolled and tumbled over each other. Some launched mock-attacks on their siblings. One was exploring the yarn.

He regarded the selection of skeins that had been rolled into balls closely. He chirped and clicked his beak, even while he purred softly. The balls varied in size, depending on how much had been used.

Suddenly, the little gryphling set his paw one the largest one. It was larger than his head, about half as big as his entire little body. With an excited chirp, he attacked it. Then, he was rolling and tumbling with the yarn.

Chuckling, Yori glanced over his shoulder at Rune. “He picked the largest one,” he said.

“Of course he did,” Rune said, sounding only slightly annoyed. He laughed and shook his head. “The larger the yarn ball, the larger the mess we’ll be cleaning up later.”

“The more yarn for him to become tangled in,” Yori said. He chuckled and looked back at the gryphling. He was already becoming wrapped in the yarn. “I used to do that with my mother’s yarn.”

“Good times,” Rune murmured. When Yori nodded and smiled, he laughed. “I was kidding, but… all right. I guess gryphons are more cat-like than I imagined.”

Close to you

Leif watched Eisa from across the field. A slight frown touched his lips and he plucked a flower from one of the nearby trees. He slipped through the greenery, until he was standing behind her.

“Eisa?” he said, his voice soft.

She turned to face him. As their eyes met, he held the flower up to her. Her eyes widened briefly, then she smiled. Taking the flower, she said, “Thank you. May I ask…”

“I wanted to be close to you,” Leif said, interrupting her question. That was reason enough to give her flowers.


Rune watched their young tumbling around in the leaves. It had taken him a little while to get used to them not looking at all human. Yori assured him it was normal. They would find their true forms in time. For now, they would live as little fluffy, downy creatures.

“What… are they?” he asked.

Yori chuckled. “About what you’d expect, if you crossed a leopard an owl and a fox,” he said. He tilted his head slightly and looked at them. Love shone in his eyes. “They’re beautiful and dear!”

Carved your name

Leif held the knife in his hand and frowned. The tree was covered with names. For who knew how long, people had come to this tree to carve the name of someone they cared about into the bark.

He bit his lip and stood on his toes to reach a bare patch of wood. Soon, he had carved four letters into the rough surface. He stepped back to look at his handiwork. Then, he noticed that someone had also carved his name there. He touched the letters and smiled. He knew who the other carver was.

Look at me

Yori flushed faintly as Rune led him out to the dance floor. He felt strange – out of place – among all the deiva nobles. They all moved around in a circle. They all seemed to know just what to do with their feet and their arms. Their movements were sure and graceful.

“I don’t know this dance,” Yori protested. He started to look down at his feet and try to do what he was supposed to do. Then, Rune caught his chin and tipped it up, so that their eyes met.

“Don’t worry about,” Rune said. As they joined the other dancers, he smiled. “Follow me. Keep your eyes on my face. It’ll be fine.”

For a moment, Yori hesitated. Then, he nodded. “All right,” he whispered.

A brief respite

Yori lay back in Rune’s arms and stared up at the strange sky of their little hidden world. Rune had created this place just for them. His eyes closed and he sighed. “It’s nice here,” he said.

Rune made a noise of agreement. “We can spend days here and return to find a few hours have passed for everyone else,” he said.

Nodding, Yori said, “The smallest break from the daily pressure we face, somehow, though, it’s enough.”

“It has to be,” Rune agreed.

My heart opens to your voice


The voice sounded faint and far away. Yori moaned softly and shifted in his sleep. He wasn’t quite ready to wake up. However, that voice… he simply couldn’t ignore it.

“Yori,” the voice said, “it’s time to wake, Cara mia.”

Yori sighed and forced his eyes open. He smiled up at Rune and said, “Good morning. Is it late?”

“No, Bellissima,” Rune said, tapping his nose gently. “It’s just now time to wake.” He slipped off the bed and added, “If we’re late for the officer’s meeting, the commander will tell us we need to separate again.”

Yori sighed and sat up. “Can’t have that,” he said, following Rune’s example.

Undisclosed Desires

Yori watched the deiva lord with a slight frown. Whenever he’d turn away, he could feel the man’s eyes on him. However, the moment that he turned to look, he would see the man in conversation with someone. It was a bit maddening. Was he imagining it? Was it his own self-consciousness, simply making him feel as if everyone was staring at him?

“What’s wrong, Bellissima?” Rune asked, handing him a drink.

Suppressing a shiver, Yori took the drink. He sipped it and said, “There’s a deiva lord over there – tall, dark curls – is he… staring at me?”

Rune glanced beyond him and then looked at him again. His brows furrowed. “He is indeed,” he said, his voice soft. “He’s Lord Eros, by the way.”

“He’s just a bit creepy, by the way,” Yori said, intentionally mirroring Rune’s words. He took another sip and said, “If he has something to say to me, I wish he’d just come over here and say it.”

“No, Bellissima,” Rune said, taking a sip of his own drink. “You really don’t want that. He’s one that’s better left alone.”

First Flight

Yori gasped softly as first one, then another, then another… one after the other, his little ones tested their wings. They weren’t graceful in their flying. However, to see them each doing more than just stretching them and leaping, to glide for a foot or two, was a sight.

He smiled proudly and then looked over at Rune. He blinked in surprise when he saw the fear on Rune’s face. “Rune, whatever is wrong?” he asked.

“They’re… up so high,” he breathed. He looked at Yori and then flushed faintly. “This doesn’t bother you at all?”

“No,” he said. He took Rune’s hand and smiled. “They might crash a couple times, but we’ll be there to help them. After all, that’s what parents do.”

“And,” Rune said, his voice soft, “I suppose growing up is what children do.”

Open up and let me crawl inside

Rune was exhausted. He stifled a yawn and padded into the little cottage he shared with Yori. He shed his clothing and shivered.

He padded over to the bed. Yori was curled up on his side with the covers over his head and the blankets tucked in tight. Clearly, he’d been cold when he’d gone to bed. He was warm now, no doubt.

Rune was cold. He tugged on the blanket, but Yori just pulled it tighter. “Let me in,” he said. Yori mumbled something unintelligable and Rune sighed. He grabbed Yori around the waist, earning a startled yelp.

Yori poked his head out from under the blanket. “Rune?” he rasped. “What’s wrong with you? Why did you…” he trailed off.

“Let me in,” Rune said, smirking, “or I’ll tickle you some more.”

Chuckling softly, Yori loosened his grip on the blankets. He shivered and snuggled against Rune as the larger man settled on the bed beside him. “Cold night,” he murmured.

“Warm bed,” Rune replied, his voice soft.