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the dream picture pinches its own arm

Loki watched Sophie run to the man with an empty smile on his lips. He’d known, when he first met her, that she wasn’t his – that she could never be his. She had a mate and a small child. What was he? He was an undersized etin living with people who’d adopted him into their family. He had nothing to offer her and this man… he had her heart.

“Wake up, Loki,” he mumbled to himself. “It was just… a silly dream.” He sighed softly and then frowned faintly as Runecaster drew Sophie inside. She glanced back at him. Her brows drew together in the center of her forehead and she set a hand against her abdomen.

Loki blinked at the gesture. It could mean many things, but one possability immediately sprang to mind. Was that even possible? He supposed it might be, but… he shook himself and then smiled at Sophie. Even if she were carrying his child, she was the mate of Matthias Runecaster. As he lowered his chin, Sophie turned away. A moment later, she had disappeared inside.

The heavens still keep their secrets

“Everyone’s got secrets,” Loki said, looking intently at Sophie. He looked up at the stars that twinkled overhead. “I know most of the secrets around here.”

Sophie chuckled and nodded. She could believe that. Taking his hand, she said, “You certainly know all of mine.” Frowning, she asked, “Whose secrets are hidden from you?” She didn’t know why she was curious about it, but she was. Who could keep anything hidden from Loki, who seemed to know everything?

“The heavens,” he said, looking up at the stars. “All those stars are like our sun, but… many of them have people – like us or completely foreign – looking up at their night sky and wondering, ‘Is there anyone out there?’” Loki laughed and shook his head. “Seriously, now, Baldr’s got more secrets than I care to know.”

“Let them keep their secrets, then,” Sophie said, her voice soft. Then she turned to slip back inside. “You can keep mine.”

“And you mine, Lady Sophie,” Loki replied, trailing behind her.