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The Grim

“You… want to hear a ghost story?” Yori said, looking at the two young men. His brows furrowed when they both nodded. For a moment, he looked thoughtful. “Well,” he said, his eyes losing focus for a moment, “my mother used to tell me a ghost story when I was a boy. She swore it was truth, but I have never seen it for myself.”

He hesitated as the youngsters settled down in front of him. One of them drew out a pen and paper. He sighed and closed his eyes. “It is said that there is a certain part of the forest on the far side of the River that is haunted by a great, shaggy beast.”

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Witching Hour

Nicholas licked his lips nervously as the clock in the hallway chimed the hour. Midnight. The monster that had attacked him was stronger in the dark. Midnight was the darkest hour of the night – the time when it would have the most strength.

He scanned the darkened windows that covered the far wall. His bed was surrounded by light, but it was black as pitch beyond. A shadow moved out of the corner of his eye and he gasped, pulling the covers up to his chin, like a frightened child.

“It’s just me,” someone said softly.

Nicholas sighed in relief at the familiar voice. He looked over at his friend and gave a weak smile. “Alexei,” he whispered. “Are – are you all right?”

“I’ll live,” Alexei replied, stepping into the cone of light that surrounded Nicholas. He sighed and sat down on the foot of the bed. Looking a bit chagrined, he asked, “Can I stay here until morning?”

Nicholas nodded as the tension left his body. The monster wouldn’t attack him, if he weren’t alone. If Alexei was with him, then they were both safe. “Sure,” he said, sliding over, so that Alexei could lie down beside him.

we know but in part

“Has he said anything about what happened?” the commander asked, looking intently at Nicholas. The youngster was staring straight ahead, but there was no light behind his eyes. It was as if he were in a trance.

Anna sighed softly. “He hasn’t said anything, sir,” she said, her voice soft. “He doesn’t seem aware of his surroundings, except at night. If we turn off the lights, he reacts.”

From her tone, Yori could guess that his reaction wasn’t very good. He stepped over and sat beside the boy. What had happened to him after Rune had taken his friend to the infirmary. “Nicholas,” he said, his voice even softer than normal.

Nicholas’ eyes closed slowly and then opened again. As they did, he turned towards Yori, his eyes seeming to focus for the first time. “He’s coming through the trees,” he whispered. His voice was high and breathy, almost like a frightened whisper.

Yori nodded slightly. “Are you safe here?” he asked.

Nicholas’ brows furrowed and he pulled the covers up to his chin. “He’s coming down the hall,” he breathed.

“Is he coming after you, Nicholos?” Yori whispered.

Nodding, Nicholas whispered, “He can’t come in the light, only the dark.” He reached out suddenly and caught Yori by the arm. “Don’t leave me in the dark, Captain Hummel,” he said, for the first time sounding like himself.

Yori sighed and wrapped his arms around the youngster. “No one’s going to do that, Nicholas,” he said, rubbing circles into Nicholas’ back. When the youngster began crying softly, his gaze flicked to Anna. Just what had happened after Rune had left him? They still knew so little!

a noise in the schools

The corridors were dark and silent as they made their way towards the music room. The only source of light came from the full moon outside. To Nicholas, the shadows between those swatches of light seemed alive with unknown creatures that shifted and watched from within them.

He swallowed thickly at the thought and hurried ahead. “Are you sure about this?” he hissed to his friend. Even in his whispered voice, his fear had been obvious.

Alexei rolled his eyes. “Honestly,” he whispered, sounding annoyed. There was no hint of fear in his voice and he moved with confidence that Nicholas envied. “You don’t believe those silly stories do you?”

Nicholas felt his cheeks warm. He was glad of the darkness, if only for the reason that it hid his blush. “Yeah,” he admitted. Why shouldn’t he be? If the stories were to be believed, something terrifying roamed the school’s corridors after dark. The teachers had gone to a great deal of trouble to warn them about going there outside school hours. Read more…