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Something of that fire burns still.

Madeline hurried through the corridors of the council hall. She was going to be late, but there was no helping it. She gasped when a hand caught her by the wrist. She stopped so suddenly, that she ended up turning completely around, to face the person who had stopped her.

“Hello, my dear,” Peter said, reaching up to cup her cheek, even as he kept his other hand wrapped firmly around her wrist.

She sent Peter a glare. “Get away from me,” she said. He didn’t release his hold on her wrist, but she hadn’t actually expected him to do so. She stomped on his foot and then whirled away when he let go, so that he could catch himself on the wall.

“Still fiery, aren’t you, my dear,” he called.

Madeline whirled to face him. “Remember what they say about playing with fire, Peter,” she said, her tone cold. Then, she spun away once more and continued on her way.

memories always remember you

Madeline sat in the seat behind Peter. She hadn’t said a word throughout the meeting. She’d been too lost in thought. It hadn’t been too bad being under Carlo’s rule. However, she knew she couldn’t continue as Peter’s protectorate.

Allen glanced around. “Does anyone have anything to add?”

Swallowing, Madeline stood. She shivered and said, “Dargonel, I declare my independence from you. I am – I am the free Republic of Shynonia.”

Peter glared, his hands balling into fists. “We shall see, my dear, how long that lasts.”

“I’ll fight you,” she breathed, stepping back from him. “I won’t go easily.”


Peter held Jared by his wrists and looked into his eyes. The smaller nation’s eyes were wide and glistened with moisture. Peter could feel the slight tremors that swept through him. “Why are you so afraid, Dixole?” he whispered.

Jared took a shuddering breath and shook his head. “I’m not afraid of you!” he cried. He strained against Peter’s grip, but he couldn’t break free. “Let me go, you…” he bit off what would have, surely, been a curse.

“Liar,” Peter hissed. The small nation’s fear was almost a physical thing. How could he stand there and deny it?

Disasters come in Threes

Mayvis was angry. Peter sighed softly as he watched her rage through the sitting room. Honestly, was that helping? He leaned back on the wall and shook his head. Franklin, Jared and Logan had escaped. Not only that, they’d destroyed her ships. That meant they couldn’t be pursued and recaptured. Additionally, they’d rescued Ian and brought him with them.

“So,” Peter said, as things quieted in the sitting room, “if you’re over your tantrum… do you think we should come up with some sort of plan.”

He was answered by a large, heavy vase flying at him. Clearly, Mayvis wasn’t quite over her tantrum.

Every Man has a Hardboiled Egg for a Heart

Jared frowned slightly and leaned back against the dresser. He was sitting on a chest, staring out the window. The waves crashed against the side of the fortress. It made him feel isolated from the world. Even knowing that the others were in the other room didn’t help.

He closed his eyes and then bit his lip when he sensed another nation enter the room. “Hello,” he said, his voice faint.

“You are being rather childish,” a voice – Peter’s voice – said. “Honestly, Jared, is it so bad to join with Mayvis?”

Jared opened his eyes and shot a glare at Peter. “Oh, no,” he said, his tone acerbic. “It’s great! I don’t have to worry about anything at all, because I have no rights anyway.”

Peter’s brows twitched and then he turned and left the room. Sighing, Jared leaned back against the dresser once more. He wasn’t childish, in spite of Peter’s words. He was, however, rather sensitive. He could get through this, but he’d have to put a protective barrier around his heart. Otherwise, it would be broken.


If there was a word that captured the feeling of the wilds of Northern Cygma, that was it. Ian leaned back against a tree and stared down into the valley. From this distance, the river looked like a ribbon that had been draped over the verdant landscape.

His brows furrowed slightly as he sensed something that was both familiar and foreign. He turned towards the tingling sensation. Tilting his head to one side, he called, “South? Is that you?”

“No,” a stranger’s voice replied. A man stepped out of the shadow of the forest. He was tall, with thick, dark hair and glasses. He smiled and gave Ian a mocking bow. “I’ve found you at last. You look so still and calm, standing there, I almost wish I had a some way to capture the moment forever. I guess I’ll have to settle for capturing you.”

On your knees

Ian gasped as he was shoved forward. The blindfold meant that he couldn’t see where he was going. His bound wrists made it impossible to balance himself. He landed heavily on his knees as a result.

He could sense Dargonel standing over him. He didn’t doubt that the other was gloating. Of course, he was pleased to see one of his enemies in such a vulnerable position. “You will not succeed,” Ian said, with more confidence than he actually felt.

“Perhaps not,” Peter replied, his voice soft. “However, I will enjoy what fortune I have until the day I fail.”


Madeline lay curled up on her side. Her eyes were closed. Her breathing was deep and even. She was certain that Peter believed she was sleeping. However, she was not. She knew that he wouldn’t disturb her while he thought she slept.

Instead of sleeping, she was replaying the events that had led her to this point. She wondered when Peter had first seen her. She could clearly remember the first time she’d seen him.

They had been at a world conference. She leaned over to Ophelia and pointed across the room at him. “Who is he?” she asked.

Ophelia gave her an intense look. Then, she shook head and headed across the room, towards her brothers. She’d mumbled something as she walked away, but Madeline couldn’t hear it.

It wasn’t much later that Peter’s government had approached hers, asking for an alliance. Shynonia was a small country and in constant danger of being absorbed by its larger neighbors. Her government had seen the alliance as a sort of protection from that. None of them had realized, until it was too late, that it wasn’t protection of any sort.

Constructive Destruction

Madeline watched the fire blaze. Animals ran from the destruction. Trees fell in its path. It was painful to watch it and know that some creatures wouldn’t survive. She could feel the fear of her people. Their homes were in the path of the fire. Soon, they might not have anyplace to live.

Peter set his hands on her shoulders. “If it’s so painful for you,” he said into her ear, “why are you smiling?”

“Because,” she said, “all this destruction also builds something new.” She looked over her shoulder at him. “Some seeds won’t sprout unless they’re burned. The forest was old and now, there will be renewed growth.”

“Nature torn down to be built up anew,” he said. He nodded. “I can see what you mean.”

Madeline nodded and turned back to the fire. On some levels, their relationship was much the same. He tore her down, but that made way for her to build herself back up. One day, she’d be strong again, just like the forest.