Some years ago, my sister and I started a fanfiction. As we finished the story, we realized that many of the characters weren’t acting they way they should. We decided it would be best to change the story so that it took place in an original universe. With that decision, came the freedom to expand into realms the base universe would have made impossible.

From this, a land of spiritual beings came into existence. The spirit world is still closely tied to the physical one, but most of the stories in the physical world are set on islands to the east, where the stories in the spirit world are set on the continent to the west. The two worlds are separated by a veil. Certain beings – dragons, deiva, and the rare fey – can open a passage between the two worlds. However, this isn’t common. The stories found on this page – those set in the Enchanted Gardens and the Shadow Hollow – are taking place in the spirit world.