POSITION: Captain of the Rose Division
HISTORY: Rune was the youngest son of a high-born family of faerie foxes. Early on, his parents knew that he was different from most faerie foxes. While he had strong ability in the magic most foxes are known for, he didn’t have the affinity for nature or the strong penchant for mischief that most foxes have. When he was old enough, his parents suggested that he join the Snow Lions.

Life in the Enchanted Gardens was a tremendous change from living in the “pack”. Foxes had a very different way of looking at things than most of the others Rune encountered among his new companions. That changed when he met the Captain Anders, of the Lily Division. She took Rune under her wing and taught him the ropes. He found not only a friend, but a mentor, in her.

MAGIC: He is a light elemental – taking the form of a faerie fox. He is stronger than most people, but has less control of his powers as a result. He summons his staff by reaching behind his back. His staff is of dark wood capped with a metal ball etched with concentric circles.
PERSONALITY: While Rune appears playful and mischievous, this is actually an act. He uses people’s expectations of how faerie foxes should act to hide his serious and thoughtful nature. He is extremely friendly and outgoing.
STRENGTHS: caring, highly intelligent, very clever, very strong magic
WEAKNESSES: easily distracted at times, protective about those he cares about

APPEARANCE: Rune is about 240 years old, but he only looks about 24. He has long red hair bound at the end by a red ribbon and drawn around to rest on his right shoulder. He has soft gray eyes, a medium complexion and a rather nasty looking scar on his left cheek. He will only grudgingly discuss the origins of this scar. He stands about six feet tall.

CLOTHING: He normally wears a dark blue shirt with long, full sleeves and high collar. He is wearing dark blue pants, cuffed at the ankles. On his feet he is wearing slippers. Over all of this, he wears a white tabard with a dark blue belt. A yellow rose, representing his division, is on the front of the tabard. When he is not on duty, he wears clothing with a Japanese influence.

MOTIVATIONS: His primary motivation is to live a peaceful, happy life. He will do whatever it takes to see that those he cares about are safe from harm – whether that harm is physical or emotional. His main goal is to protect Yori, so that they can spend their lives together.