POSITION: Captain of the Lily Division
HISTORY: Yori grew up in a small village with his parents and three younger siblings. He was taken away briefly by an older gryphon, who opened him. As he is now an opened gryphon, he has some female aspects – including the ability to conceive and bare young. He returned his family home and remained there, until he was just past his first century.

Shortly after he’d reached his first century, he was captured by a spider fey and sold into slavery. He was fortunate that Captain Rune Wolff of the Snow Lions purchased him. He was judged by the commander to be someone who had potential. It was left to Rune to teach him how to fight and use his elemental magic. He finished his training after ten years and became a member of the Lily Division under Captain Anders. At this time, he and Rune officially became a mated pair. However, Yori lost all eight of the young in their first litter.

Twenty years ago, Captain Anders retired from the Snow Lions. She recommended Yori as her successor. Since then, he had done his best to prove himself as a skilled and caring captain. He has earned the respect of all who serve under him.

MAGIC: He is an air elemental – taking the form of a gryphon on rare occasions. However, his magic is affecting his lungs (he gets short of breath and has asthma-like symptoms), so he uses it only when he has need. He summons his staff by reaching behind his back. His staff is of plain wood that is blond in color. It is almost as long as he is tall.

PERSONALITY: Yori is a bit secretive and very stubborn. He tries to do everything himself, because he has some level of self-doubt. In his mind, he’s just a regular person – he’s the son of a shopkeeper and now he’s a military captain. So he feels a bit out of his depth – sort of like he doesn’t deserve his position. As a result, even though he doesn’t whine or angst about it, he tries a bit too hard to fulfill his duties. He’s also a quiet person and a bit shy – another reason why he’s secretive (he simply doesn’t like to speak his mind to others).
STRENGTHS: works hard, dedicated to his job, loyal, information gathering
WEAKNESSES: self-doubt, shyness and overall uncertainty

APPEARANCE: Yori is about 180 years old, but has the appearance of an eighteen year old. He stands about five feet tall. He has long white-blond hair that he pins back on each side with blue barrettes. His eyes are a vibrant green and he has a fair complexion. He has a wiry, muscular build. He has large pale golden wings that he can hide from view with magic, if he desires. He has a modest bosom.
CLOTHING: He normally wears a dark blue shirt with long, full sleeves and high collar. The back is open to allow his wings to extend when he needs them. He is wearing dark blue pants, cuffed at the ankles. On his feet, he wears sandals or slippers. Over all of this, he wears a white tabard with a dark blue belt. A dark blue lily, representing his division, is on the front of the tabard. When he is not on duty, he wears a plain cotton tunic and trousers.

MOTIVATIONS: He is motivated, primarily, by a desire to prove to himself that he is capable of being a good captain. His main goal is to protect those who serve under him, as well as the people that dwell in his garden and the hollow beyond the river.