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shine on this life that’s burning out

“Master!” Mikal screamed. He dropped to his knees beside Captain Colonomos. As he reached for her hands, Captain Hummel blocked another attack from the same oni-like beast that had attacked her.

Floros growled in exasperation. She took up a position on Mikal’s other side. “Can you help her?” she shouted.

Mikal was already looking her over, but I didn’t have time to spare to see what exactly he was doing or to guess if he would be successful. I blocked an attack from a spider, striking its abdomen with the blunt end of my staff.

At the same moment that the spider let out a shriek of pain, I heard a cry of anguish. I spun around, just in time to see Colonomos’s body dissolve in a shower of light. Mikal clutched her empty, bloody gown to his chest. I froze for a moment.


Someone shoved me to one side and I stumbled and spun back to face the attackers. Muller shot me a grimace. “We’ll protect the women and Mikal. Get after Lady Astraea!”

I nodded once. “Be careful,” I said. I hesitated just long enough to see Muller’s nod of assent. Then I ran towards the place where Lady Astraea’s kidnappers had disappeared. I leapt over the head of Captain Hummel, as he knelt beside Mikal.

Mikal was sobbing and tears of sympathy welled in my eyes. I blinked them away and pushed myself harder. Dimitriou and Colonomos had died trying to protect Lady Astraea. I’d be fated to come back as a slug if I would let their deaths be in vain!


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the promise that could not be kept is burnt deep into my chest

The pair was fairly evenly matched. Back and forth they went. Iona knocked Captain Hummel off his feet, and then he knocked her down. She knocked him down a second time and he retaliated and got her off her feet. It came down to who would outlast the other. Whoever went down next would lose the competition.

Captain Hummel looked pale. It was clear that the strain of the battle was wearing on him. He was panting loudly enough that we could hear him even from our seats. Iona growled and shoved him back. He rolled backwards, but dragged her along with him. When the came to a stop, he was on top of Iona, straddling her. He blinked at her for a moment and then looked up at Phoebe.

“Um… who won?” he asked, his voice weak and breathy.

Phoebe blinked for a moment. “I don’t believe something like this has ever happened before,” she admitted. She turned and looked up at Commander Larissa and Lady Astraea. “Commander. My lady,” she said. “What say you? Who is the victor of the wrestling competition?”


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